Q.1 what are the visa requirements depending on the nationality?

Q.2. Can I apply for visa via post without visiting in Person?

Q.3. what is the best time to apply for French Visa? I am planning my holidays to visit after 2 months ?

Q.4. If is going on a day trip then do I need to provide a hotel booking?

Q.5. My UK Visa is expiring after 2.5 months can I still apply for visa?

Q6. My spouse is British/ EU national, what are the document formalities?

Q.7. My Child is under 12 and is travelling to France with friends, is it possible that she can apply her visa directly?

Q.8. we are applying for France visa as family, is it necessary to provide appointment in person?

Q.9. If we are visiting our friends or family in France then how can we apply for France visa?

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  • Client need to send us the appointment booking sheet
  • Appointment for you in Embassy
    As per the information in the form, we will book an appointment in Embassy
  • Print the form
    Print out your appointment letter, prepare all your documents and reach the embassy on the date of appointment
  • Receive your visa from the Embassy
    Soon you will receive your visa from the embassy